This one-credit introductory course to Husky Sport began in the Fall of 2011 as a response to student requests to become involved beyond simply volunteering. EDLR 1162 (formerly EKIN 1160) also serves as the beginning of the Husky Sport pipeline and is intended to involve underclass students in multiple disciplines in direct-action service and organizing activities in low-income communities. It involves off-campus travel to Hartford where class members will be working, participating with community activists and neighborhood residents, and be supported by the collaborative energies of several community partners. Students attend class once per week and are expected to complete service hours during 4 different trips to Hartford at any of the sites.

Since the spring of 2012, EDLR 1162 (formerly EKIN 1160) has been taught at Capital Prep High School in Hartford and East Catholic High School in Manchester. Students enrolled in this course at these high schools will receive one UConn credit for their involvement. The high school students will use the same syllabus and have the same expectations for attendance, readings, discussions, written reflections and service hours as the UConn students. 
EKIN 1160 Syllabus (Fall 2014)
The original Husky Sport course, first taught in the Spring of 2006, EDLR 3547 builds on the exposure to issues of racial and economic inequalities in health and education that students now receive in EKIN 1160. With greater expectations in this three credit course, students are expected to complete 40 hours of service with Husky Sport’s Hartford partners; additionally, a foundational goal of EDLR 3547 is for students to channel the knowledge and resources gained during the course into projects that will improve the community and help residents. Students are encouraged to use creativity, initiative, and leadership skills during the project.
EDLR 3547 Syllabus (Fall 2014)

With the exception of the requirement for 15 or more pages of Writing, the requirements for EDLR 3547W are identical to EDLR 3547, which includes, amongst other coursework:

  • 40 hours of service
  • Project to improve the community and help residents

EDLR 3547W is a required writing (W) course for sport management majors in the spring of their junior year; so the course is restricted for only these students and requires them to complete a minimum of 15 pages of writing which is reviewed by the instructor and peers, and revised for final submission.

EDLR 3547W Syllabus (Fall 2014)
Formerly taught as an independent study course for students who had taken EDLR 3547 or EDLR 3547W and desired to continue to stay involved in Husky Sport, EDLR 4300 was offered for the first time in the Spring 2012 (with the aforementioned courses as prerequisites). In EDLR 4300, the students will continue to read, discuss, and write reflections on issues of racial and economic inequities as well as complete another 40 hours of service with Husky Sport’s Hartford partners. The preference is for students to spend that 40 hours at one partner site and begin to become a more regular presence at that site, gaining additional responsibilities and leadership roles.
EDLR 4300 Syllabus (Spring 2013, previously EKIN 4300)
EDLR 5518 is the graduate version of EDLR 3547 and meets concurrently with that course. Graduate students are expected to take leadership roles in the course by planning a class discussion around a book of their choosing from the syllabus as well as in the one of the class event planning projects. Graduate students are asked to provide guidance to their project group and serve as a liaison between the partner site and the students in the class in the planning of these projects.
EDLR 5518 Syllabus (Fall 2014)

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