Nutrition Curriculum

The Husky Sport nutrition curriculum continues to inform programming and collaborative decision-making within all of our campus- community partnerships. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) functions not only as a primary funder for the Husky Sport program but also provides “My Plate” guidelines as a conceptual and practical framework that aides in the creation our nutrition curriculum. Student feedback on nutrition lessons and activities are evaluated before and after each cycle, which positive trends of growth in knowledge and healthier food choices being made across all participating grade levels and partnerships.

Intentional nutrition-based lesson plans are developed, delivered, and evaluated as part of the following programs:

  • Ready, Set, Read! (K-2)
  • Husky Growth (3-4)
  • All After School and Weekend Collaborations

A highlight of Husky Sport’s nutrition curriculum are the “Healthy Tastings”. Aligned with the guidelines of “My Plate”, students help to prepare and then sample healthy foods during Husky Sport programs, with a recipe card provided for intended replication at home and with family members.