Program Leader Professional Development

Husky Sport’s Program Leaders (PLs) are in charge of running the day-to-day operations at our partner sites, in terms of planning and carrying out Husky Sport curriculum. As a way to empower the Program Leaders, these monthly meetings allow them to connect as a Professional Learning Community in effort to share interests, areas of knowledge, and to engage in collective problem solving through meaningful conversations and thought provoking activities.
Date & Topic Objectives
September 18, 2014: Classroom Management Techniques To discuss and identify best practice in lesson planning and classroom management.
October 9, 2014: Husky Sport Best Practice To share program challenges and successes to create a tool box of effective strategies.
October 23, 2014: Discussion of Educational Opportunities To apply knowledge gained through a pre-meeting reading assignment and personal experience to critical discussion of societal issues.
November 13, 2014: The Multiple Roles of a Program Leader To apply experiences in Husky Sport to critical discussion examining individual roles and responsibilities.
December 18, 2014: School Climate and Culture. Guest Speakers: Clark PBIS team . To discuss and better understand the climate and culture of Clark School in effort to create relevant and appropriate programming
January 7 & 8, 2015 A two-day retreat to discuss varied topics including behavior management, multiple learning styles, fundraising, and capacity building, as a way to prepare for the academic year.
February 19, 2015: Visit to the Rainbow Center To discuss with a campus partner ways to include diversity in programming and emphasize inclusiveness.
March 26, 2015: Media Messages To examine and discuss media messages and their relationship with societal inequalities. Conversation was facilitated by Chris Doucot, co-founder of Hartford Catholic Worker.
April 13, 2015: Mini-Retreat A mini-retreat to spend time viewing a film and engaging in critical examination of historical events and present day impact as it relates to societal issues.
Date & Topic Objectives
September 17, 2015: Community of Learners’ Philosophy To discuss the community of learners ideology, how it can be adapted to Husky Sport professional development meetings, and to examine topics and needs for future professional development meetings.
October 15, 2015: Evaluation To discuss the importance of evaluation within organizations and in particular, Husky Sport. The meeting was led by Kimberly LeChasseur, an Assistant Research Professor with UConn’s Center for Education Policy Analysis whose research centers around issues of equity and access in education and data-driven decision-making.
November 19, 2015: Empowering Evaluators To define terms associated with evaluation and how they can be applied to the work of Husky Sport. Through contextual and internal assessment, staff identified important and specific components of work within Husky Sport. Conversation was a second installment of October’s meeting to continue investment in understanding evaluation.
December 17, 2015: Program Assessment To share amongst Program Leaders the different successes and challenges that they faced throughout the semester within their specific Husky Sport programs and in implementing PBIS. The discussion helped identify program strengths and areas for improvement to focus on in the upcoming spring semester.
February 18, 2016: Educational Resources To provide an opportunity for staff to discuss observations, questions, and implications about the Clark School closing. Staff also took the time to discuss what educational and teaching resources are available for sport-based youth development practitioners. The conversation was informed by Edutopia articles.
March 10, 2016: Intersectionality To discuss how identities are experienced on a day-to-day basis and how the roles of Husky Sport staff are impacted by their identities. Staff participated in an activity to explore their salient identities in particular circumstances followed by a discussion on the ways in which multiple aspects of identities intersect.
April 14, 2016: StrengthsQuest To become aware of our dominant strengths based on GALLUP StrengthsQuest through a positive lens, and how we create partnerships based on those strengths. Workshop led by Krista O’Brien, Coordinator of Leadership Programs.